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Buy A VPS Server Or Become A Reseller


Those who are just beginning to master the immensity of the Internet, and especially webmasters, quite often ask the question ”who are resellers?”


Who is a reseller? A reseller is a person who sells some information products on the Internet, the creation of which has nothing to do. In other words, the reseller buys a certain information product from the author, enters into an agreement with him on the transfer of copyright, and then profitably and successfully implements this product on his behalf. The reseller’s work tool is the Internet space, which is often rented from servers. In words, the work of resellers seems simple, but in fact it is quite a time-consuming and complex process. Don’t forget checking about $1 Web Hosting Australia as well.


Why is it better to become a reseller than to buy a vps server?

If you prioritize providing customers with good hosting and high-quality support, then you will have to go to work completely. The number of clients may increase over time, so for the first couple of months in your free time, it is advisable to engage in self-education, improve your skills by studying forums for this, watching video courses and reading books. In the process, resellers face completely different customers. Here you should always remember that the client is always right, but only if he does not interfere with other clients by his actions. There are often cases when clients overload the server. Then $1 Hosting providers begin to make claims already to resellers. At this point, the reseller has to regulate such conflicts, the solution of which can take from a couple of hours to several days.


Constantly distracted from the planned work to solve various conflicts, the reseller loses his own time and reduces the overall productivity of work. The reseller turns out to be a link between the hosting provider and customers. The reseller, to some extent, becomes a hostage of the situation, since there are two parameters that he himself cannot influence. This is an operational and adequate hosting support, as well as uninterrupted and stable operation of the server.


The path from reselling to hosting

Any reseller at the start of his career sets a goal for himself in the form of renting his own server, which is very expensive. However, the server administration process itself is even more expensive. Novice resellers for some reason do not know about this. Thus, if you have little financial capacity, you will have to work on a free-of-charge vps server for longer than you intended. Also, don’t forget trying Cheap Reseller Hosting Canada services as well. In addition, the number of your customers may begin to decline, as the hosting provider will immediately ban them if they do not comply with the rules of the contract with which they agreed when purchasing services. The main reason is spam. In such cases, the hosting provider deletes customer accounts completely without warning, as a result, your customer base may significantly thin out without performing special preventive measures.


However, it happens that the hoster blocks its clients without any serious reason, in which case resellers have to move to a vps server, which is probably more fair. And all this requires time and money, which you will have to spend when moving to another reliable hosting, where everything will have to start almost from the beginning. Therefore, it should be remembered that the road from reselling to hosting can be very long and difficult.


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