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Comparison Of Partner Programs For Hosting


In the vastness of the Network, it is very often possible to meet various kinds of firms that place advertising information about a certain product or service on their websites. In order to attract more customers to such goods and services, these firms connect the owners of other Internet resources to the work.


Comparison of hosting services: partner programs

If a client attracted by a webmaster purchases this service or product, the webmaster is charged a certain percentage of the total transaction amount. In the most obvious way, this option is shown by the so-called partner programs of hosting companies. The attracted client buys $1 Hosting Canada, and the percentage of payments from these transactions to the webmaster can give about 40% of the payment. For example, even if you have a very cheap hosting (the price is $ 3 per month), the profit will be 120 cents. If you take into account the fact that you will have about fifty clients in one month, then the monthly profit will be $ 60.


Comparison of hosting companies and their partner programs

Let’s consider the most popular hosting partner programs at the moment and the options for earning money on them — payment for a certain action, payment for clicks, as well as payment for sale.


Payment for clicks

One of the most popular types of partner programs of 1 Dollar Hosting UK hosters for new websites and inexperienced webmasters, since the placement of contextual advertising for them is still a problem (quite often such resources are additionally regulated by a moderator). Payment for clicks is also called contextual advertising. The meaning of this program is that you place banners or text links of the affiliate program on the site. As a result, the better the website is promoted, the more people will follow the partner’s special link and the more money you will earn. Since the effectiveness of this program is very small, it is used by hosting companies quite rarely. In one click, you can get an average of $ 0.05.

Payment per action

The term “action » here is most often understood as registering on a website, filling out a special questionnaire, or sending an SMS. The client, by clicking on the link to the website, must necessarily register on it, only in this case you will receive your monetary reward. This affiliate program is now practically not used by Unlimited Reseller Hosting Australia companies, as it has a low efficiency indicator. That small part of the hosting sites where this program is still in operation offers to earn an average of $ 5 on this service.


Payment for sale

In this case, they pay for the total number of referral clients attracted. While on your website, the referral clicks on a special affiliate link and then follows it to another website of the service. If he/she registers here and starts purchasing hosting services, or becomes a member of the affiliate program himself/herself, special percentages from his/her total earnings will begin to accrue to you.

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