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How To Choose The Best Game Hosting?


If you are a fan of playing some online game, you have definitely thought about who exactly you owe your presence on this server to. Who is this « Great admin » who created the server and allowed you to play on it. And you care not only about his personality, but also about his status as the owner. Surely you thought to yourself — how cool it is to have your own server! In this article you will learn what is game hosting, as well as useful recommendations on the choice of hosting for games.


What is the best Game hosting

To understand all aspects of game hosting sites, you should understand the terminology that the term « game hosting » implies. If the term « hosting » is already familiar to you, then the combination of words such as gaming and hosting means that this is a server, or a place on the server that you rent for your games.


Currently, the abundance and variety of 1 Dollar Hosting hosters is quite large. In conditions of fierce competition, they adapt and constantly strive to offer even better services or lower prices.


The quality of such hosting is determined by five main factors

Low ping

Ping is a special connection time with the server, as well as its response to your action on the Internet. If the delay increases, the game starts to slow down. The ping depends on the technical parameters of the hosting and on the proximity of the server’s data centers. The proximity of the server’s data centers to your location is very important.


Modern and powerful enough hardware

Exceptionally powerful modern equipment can ensure the normal and stable operation of a game $1 Web Hosting server with a lot of slots (the number of online gamers). Be sure to study this topic and find out exactly what equipment you need to accommodate a specific number of players on the server for a certain online game.


Technical support

Cool technical support compensates for the lack of experience and will help you quickly deal with any problems. Also make sure that technical support has several methods of assistance at once, that is, by phone, Skype, email, chat.


It is also extremely important that the technical support staff be professional and competent.


Hosting Control Panel

Such a panel should be clear and functional enough for comfortable management of such servers. This should include such options as: changing maps, turning off and on the server, restarting and reinstalling the $1 Unlimited Hosting server on your own, making special changes to the modification of files.


Working with the control panel should be simple and accessible. And that’s the main thing.

Additional services

The more various additional services in the main package the hosting provider of the server offers, the better. If the services provided for free necessarily include such as a centralized blocking system for gamers, player statistics, a dedicated IP address, an HLTV server with a unique demo recording capability, an HTTP site for online downloading of various files when joining a certain game, then this speaks in favor of such a server.


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