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When You Need To Rent A Dedicated Server?


In the development of every developing Internet project, there comes a time when there is not enough regular hosting. If you do not take the necessary measures in time, then problems begin.


Renting a dedicated server: what you should know

The hosting provider starts complaining that your resource consumes a lot of resources. Users complain that everything is running too slow. After all, the standard virtual hosting is essentially similar to a communal apartment. All clients of this hosting use one common web server, one database server together. The quality of resource sharing may differ for different $1 Hosting companies. However, no hosting provider can make the division of resources optimal. That is, in any case, some hosting clients will interfere with others.

This means that you need to rent a dedicated server. In this case, you will have your own, separate web server, mail server, MySQL server. In addition, all this can be customized strictly individually to your needs. For example, you can install apache web server instead of nginx. So, what you need to rent is just such a server, that is, a separate one. Let’s look at what options there may be here, as well as what pitfalls you can come across.



Unattended or serviced dedicated server

A dedicated server today is not serviced or serviced. If the server is not serviced, then the hoster is solely responsible for ensuring that the server just works as a PC. That is, so that it is turned on at all, and also so that it has the necessary amount of memory, disk space. If your web server (apache) has stopped working stably, any problems due to a DDOS attack on a resource are solely your responsibility. This means that you should hope that there will be no problems (this happens only for low-load projects) or have a special employee (system administrator) who will constantly look after the server, or pay the 1 Dollar Hosting provider for the services of its system administrator when a problem occurs.


Issues related to equipment

The equipment always wears out. Most of today’s hard drives, for example, start working with errors after two years. At the same time, if errors occur, the disk does not stop working, it marks this problematic place on the disk and then bypasses it. It looks very good, although in practice everything is not so smooth and can lead to loss of information or, if mirroring technology is used, only to a temporary stop of all server operation. Don’t forget to consider Unlimited Reseller Hosting as well. In order to avoid these problems, the disks must be installed in pairs. And duplicate information on both disks (this is called raid-1 or mirroring).

But such technology works very reliably only if an experienced system administrator looks after it. From here it is clear that either you have to be a good system admin yourself, or you need a serviced dedicated server, or else. However, do not forget to take care of the normal maintenance of the equipment.

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